BerryGlade Oy Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement

Safety is an integral part of BerryGlade’s operations, and we are committed to protecting employees, clients, property, the environment and the public.  We consider compliance with safety legislation a minimum rather than a maximum, and we assign the highest priority to health and safety over all other activities.


There are many costs to accidents and unsafe work practices.  The greatest costs are human costs.  By protecting our employees, we are also protecting their friends, families, fellow workers, management, the public and the environment from far-reaching effects of serious accidents.  We are also protecting our ability to continue doing business and employing people.

In addition to protecting lives, our safety program contributes to employee morale and pride because our employees participate in identifying safety needs and developing safe work procedures and practices.


Employees, contractors and subcontractors who knowingly violate safety rules may face disciplinary action, dismissal or legal action.  Visitors may also face legal action if they knowingly disobey safety rules.  The company, its officers and directors may also face legal action and fines for violations of regulatory requirements.  Those individuals who do not fulfill their safety responsibilities will become accountable for any problems their negligence creates and may be liable under the law.


BerryGlade is committed to ensuring that all applicable legislation is incorporated into the safety program and to the consistent compliance with that legislation. Everyone employed by BerryGlade is responsible for maintaining the safety program.  Managers and supervisors are responsible for identifying safety needs, communicating safety hazards, investigating hazardous conditions and accidents, providing training, supplying or wearing appropriate safety and personal protective equipment, and ensuring all equipment is properly maintained and meets legislated  safety standards.  Their role is supported by input from all employees.

All employees and others on company worksites are responsible for obeying all safety rules, following recommended safe work procedures, wearing and using personal protective equipment when required, participating in safety training programs and informing supervisors of any unsafe conditions.  Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse to do any work when unsafe conditions exist.

By fulfilling our safety responsibilities, everyone who works for our company will share the benefits of a safe workplace.